Thursday, 22 March 2018

Road Safety with Constable Merv

Yesterday Mr Constable Merv came to visit Room 15 to teach us how to cross the
road safely.

The first thing he taught us to do was to “Stop, Look and Listen”.

Later we all put on bright yellow vests with silver stripes, so cars could see us.
Once we got to the Fordyce Avenue gate we got into pairs.

Jade and I were partners and Srinitha and Sophie were partners. Then Arlo and
Donnie went across the road first.  Next was Srinitha and Sophie then Jade and
me. Everyone got across safely on the way there and back to school for lunch.

I was really interested in what Constable Merv meant when he said, “When the
silent cars are coming you can still hear them”.  It was a marvellous day.

By Sienna Wilton
Room 15
7 ½ years old


  1. Great learning Room 15. Maybe you can teach younger brothers or sisters about what you have learnt.

  2. Wonderful writing Sienna - I like the part about the silent cars! My husband drives a hybrid car and they are very hard to hear coming! He always has his car lights on so people can see his car instead!

  3. We were lucky to get the opportunity to have Constable Hotter come and teach us about safe walking. Well done Sienna with sharing your experience.