Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Colour Run

Colour Run

What a lot of colourful fun was experienced by so many at the PTA-organised Colour Run last weekend.  Some people are rather hard to recognise but may you'll recognise yourself in one of these photos...

Houses and Homes

Houses and Homes

In Term 3 we thought about and discussed what makes a house a home.  We then investigated how houses are designed and built in different parts of the world.  We discovered that they can look very different and are also made in different ways.  As a class we tried to work out why.

Using all of this background thinking and knowledge, we then set about designing our own homes.  Our task was to include as many Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient features as possible.  

Once we had drawn and explained our design, we created a model of our home by reusing and recycling everyday materials.

Finn constructing
Jacey planning her next step

Zimo, Alice and Laura working as a team

Our designs included: solar panels; grassy areas; water tanks to collect rain water; gardens to grow vegetables for our food; flower gardens to attract bees; trees to create shade, absorb rain water, provide homes for birds and provide fruit; large windows to let in the sunlight; insulation and curtains to keep out the cold and so much more.

Sophie putting it all together
Indigo hard at work

Once we had completed our models, we enjoyed sharing them with others, explaining the special features of our homes.




Monday, 29 October 2018

Science in a Van

Science in a Van

On Monday the third of September 2018, Sunnyhills School all went into the big hall because some people came to our school to teach us about science.

First they taught us abut biology.  One of the teachers came up on the stage and sat on a chair of nails.  But she said it didn't hurt her gluteus maximus.

They also did a story about The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  I liked the part when the monster [troll] leaped up out from under the bridge.

Next we did physics to learn about the powers of force, that means the powers of push and pull

Room 15 thought it was funny and easy as well.  

Reporter Sophie F (Room15)

Monday, 17 September 2018

Scootering with Auckland Transport

Scootering Skills on Show

Monday 6 August saw us all arrive at school 
with our scooters and helmets, 
ready to put our scootering skills to the test.

We learnt how to  push, push, glide to improve our balance;
         we practised our  emergency braking;
          we learnt about  walking across a pedestrian crossing;
              we learnt to watch out for unexpected  sneaky driveways;
                     we practised  scootering around obstacles.

We had a lot of fun and improved our skills.